Vienna day 2, 2006-06-23

UN and tourism

We had booked a visit at UN at 11AM but we had to run out early to buy some
underwear and other things because our lagguage had still not arrived in Vienna

Here is a beautiful statue outside the UN-building in Vienna.

We had a long nice meeting with Professor Zhou Yuqiang where we discussed UN in Vienna, drank
coffee and Elaine also got options of a couple of work contracts for later this autumn. The UN-office
in Vienna among other organisations also hosts IAEA where Hans Blix was boss before.

After searching for a long while we found the Swedish flag.

Now it was subway, or U-bahn as it is called in Austria, to downtown. The subway system in Vienna was
very good and it became our main way of transportation during our stay. It was 4 minutes walk from
the hotel to the nearest station. Here we have ended up on Stephansplatz with the church in the background.

A very impressive church with it's interior and height.

Of course Wienerschnitzel on the menu in Vienna

National Library

A picture of Elaine that will be a replica of a picture taken in 1988 on her previous visit to Vienna.

House of Parliament....

..that partly resembles...

...Akropolis in Athens.

City Town Hall

On the fasade of K.K. Hofburg Theater there are statues of these famous playwrights.

Elaine among "all the roses in the world" in Peoples' Park

The National Library at sunset

View from our hotel window. We lived at Trend Favorita Hotel and it
was good. Big rooms but very hot as it was a heatwave in Vienna.