Vienna day 1, 2006-06-22


This time we have to thank Austrian Airlines for their sponsorship that made this journey to Vienna possible. Elaine has been here before but for me it was a new experience. I have been to Autstria many times to ski but so far never found my way to the Capital Vienna.

This little aircraft took us from Landvetter in Gothenburg to Vienna. Unfortunately it was only Elaine and I who ended up on the plane because our lagguage was left behind due to weightproblems with the plane. It arrived 24 hours after us.

Here we are out the first evening (buying toiletries) and stopped for an ice-cream on our
way back to the hotel. The straw was very long for Elaine but the ice-cream was good.

Claes in the lobby drinking his usual cup of coffee. When shall the rest of
the world learn to serve "normal" coffee other than to breakfast.