Tallinn day 4, 2006-04-30

Back home again

Walpurgis night, The King's 60th birthday and our return trip

A busload of satisfied tourists on their way home to rain and bad weather,

When I told them that I will publish my pictures on
internet everyone looked down at the back of the bus...

Our tourguide Eva and busdriver Jerker. Here is where we left
the bus for the short drive back home to Gothenburg

and a little more...

Tallinn has left an unforgettable memory in our hearts. We came completely unprepared to this former Soviet city and we found so many fantastic spots to visit. It was as to walk in the Middle Age. We will surely return to Estonia and Tallinn to continue our exploration of our sister country in the East.

Claes and Elaine

Postcards from Alexander Nevskys Cathedral.

Kadriorgs Palace that we never had time to visit. Nowadays an art museum
neighbouring the Presidential Palace in Kadriorgs Park.