Tallinn day 3, 2006-04-29

Tallinn for ourselves

To come to Tallinn is to take a giant step directly into the Middle Age. Everything is so well persevered and restored so you almost feel like walking around among knights and merchants from the Hansa period.

Unfortunately i missed the story about Linda but she built the Tower Mountain with one stone per day and then cried so much that a lake arouse. Obviously a story of lost love. Please help me fill in the details if you know.

The Houses of Parliament with 101 elected parliament members.

An information board outside the Houses of Parliament

The same gesture...

Alexander Nevski Cathedral

Narrow alleys in the Old Town. In the upper part of the Old City there were no commerce, only a few souvenir shops. The city is not exploited and has kept much of its original atmosphere.

The city is built on a limestone rock. A lot is built of
Limestone, a stone there is plenty of in Tallinn.

The moat is partly preserved. Before it went around the complete Tallinn

Here start the 234 steps climbing to the top of the ”world tallest building”. It was a round spiral staircase with rugged steps completely enclosed in stone. Nothing for claustrophobic persons. The reward came at the top of the St Olavs' church tower. It was a very narrow terrace around the top and you could hardly meet two persons.

The harbour

The Tower Mountain

The Tower Mountain with the Old Town.

The harbour with an old steamboat.

It was up there we climbed.

Ferdinand Veike founded Estonias Puppet Theatre.

Tallinn’s Town Hall was first built in 1404. It is restored to it's original shape and condition and has been awarded honours from EU for the best restored building, both exterior as well as interior. On the top of the tower is St Toomas guarding the Town Hall and Tallinn, something he has done since 1530. He has been a symbol for the Estonian’s implacable fight for the right to their own country.

The Pharmacy is the oldest still in use in the world.
It was built 1422 and has always served as a Pharmacy.

Well, what can you say about Eva. Eva is Eva. The explanation is simpler. Eva borrowed the hat so we wouldn’t loose her on our walk through the town down to the bus. Tallinn is very close to Helsinki and it was First of May and a ”long” weekend so there were a lot of Finns there to do shopping in Tallinn

On our way home we went by Tallinnk’s ”Victoria I” and it was like a luxurious cruiser compared with the old Regina Baltica. The cabins were spacious and you didn’t have any feeling of stuffiness. They were very quiet and the only noise we heard at night was the TV sending the hockey between Finland and Sweden.