Oslo day 2, 2006-03-05


After a night at the hotel we had a very good breakfast and prepared for a visit to Holmenkollen, the famous ski resort in Oslo. Before we go there I must comment on the hotel who was a sponsor of our trip to Norway. We stayed at First Hotels Millennium. If you say "In the heart of the city" you can't be closer. It is very conveniently situated two blocks from the main street Karl Johan and 5 minutes from the Castle. During the weekends you can park your car for free on the side streets. The hotel is cosy with wooden floors everywhere, even in the elevator. An extra plus to the bartender who when we came back to the hotel after a cold evenings walk landed in the bar and asked for a cup of coffee. I got a full teacup with hot coffee and when I wanted to pay he said it was complementary on the house. Thanks!

Now I must explain my theory about pillows. People who say that they first check the TV and the bathroom in a hotel room are lying. They are checking the pillows. In our hotel it was a catastrophe. One single, very thin pillow per bed and no spare ones. You can see on the picture above that even the remote control presses it to a minimum. I have talked to a lot of people about this and it is something that is important in a room. They spend a lot of money on interior decoration but forget the most used thing in the room, the pillow. If it was listed in the hotel specification I would prefer to pay 10 Euros extra for a hotel who said 2 thick pillows/bed plus one spare instead of a hotel stating one thin pillow. We where also promised a show around the hotel but management probably had weekend off.

It was steep roads and a car had problems on the way up

We made a detour and found this nice parkingspot

Here you can see the Jumptower at Holmenkollen between the trees

And this grand view over the surroundings of Oslo. Find the tower on this picture if you can. It is there.

On the way up we drove behind this bus. I wonder what kind of passengers it had...

Today it was a competition in the jumping arena so there were a lot of trafic and spectators

Here are pictures from the famous arena