4874 km


Much in my diary notes are packing, unpacking, eating, driving, arriving and so on. That was the true nature of our journey but I have tried to catch some of the important events and places along the way and also some curiosity. I have tried to keep the text short so it wouldn't end up a novel too long to read. I hope you will enjoy our notes but also all the wonderful pictures taken. We only present a few of all 800 pictures taken along the way. So to the question about mosquitos. The rumour tells there are millions and big as helicopters up there in the north. The rumour isn't true. There were mosqitos but not much more than we can have back home under favourable conditions. I also noted that they liked Chinese blood better than Swedish.

A great thanks to my sister Inger who has done all the translation of the diary notes from Swedish into English for me.

Claes och Elaine


The Souvernirs from our trip

Elaine's dalahorse

Elaine's jewlery purchases