2007-07-19 Falun-Home

411 km - Average speed 78 km/h

Diary notes

Last day and maybe that was why we were awake, packed and away already just after nine o’clock. The journey to Sundborn was only fifteen minutes and we were there before opening time. Ladies and gentlemen this was a sunny day. We had time for morning-coffee at the café next to Sundborn before the guided tour started in the home of Karin and Carl Larsson. This is an enormous contrast to the somewhat gloomy home of Zorn. Here are bright light and airy decorations everywhere. Karin’s hand in the home and her textiles and her modern view of furniture and interior decoration made it a very pleasant tour. It felt almost like Carl and Karin and the seven children only were out running an errand and were due back any moment now. After this joy-injection only the last part of the journey back home was left. Home via Svinnersta outside Örebro where we should fetch Lillan from the cat-boardinghouse. She was overjoyed to be fetched and she miaowed incessantly all the way home . She had eaten well and had gained some hectograms so she was out of danger. At the time of writing fifteen hours after we got home I can say that Lillan has not been more than 50cm away from Elaine or me and she is continuously purring. On our way home we stayed at Rattugglan in Mariestad for dinner. Last part of the journey was silent and after 4900 km and 62 hours driving was a strange thoughtfulness where you longed for home but at the same time felt amiss the adventure, the experiences and the freedom. I asked Elaine what she liked best during the journey and she answered after some time of consideration the two homes of the artists. I asked then about the Norwegian fjords and she said that they also were very beautiful. As the fjords are in Norway and the best was two of our national symbols Anders Zorn and Carl Larsson I felt proud that the best from the trip is to be found in Sweden. It could have saved us 4000 km but nevertheless we have been there now, at the Northcape.



The famous painter Carl and his wife Karin Larsson's home

Coffee while waiting for the tour to start

Bird's breakfast

62 hours driving in the Jaguar. A Pleasure

Allmost home

At the catpension the owners breed rasedogs

Lillan in her cage..

...screaming when she hears us