2007-07-18 Orsa-Falun

140 km - Average speed 53 km/h

Diary notes

Eight o’clock. I was up and awake and got my double dose of morning-coffee and morning cigarette. Elaine slept a little longer but we packed and left for Mora, 20 km away, around 10.30. We have learnt that it is wise to be at tourist-attractions when they open to avoid the crowded hours 1.00-3.00 p.m. We parked on the square and walked to the Zorn-museum. We bought tickets to the English guided tour of Zorngården, the artists home, and while we waited we looked at the exhibition in the Zorn-museum. The works are impressive and whatever this artist takes up such as sculpture, oil, watercolour or etching the result were masterpieces. We had to interrupt for the 45 minutes guided tour of Zorngården. There were only us and a Dutch family with two children. The house is exciting especially the Viking-room. Elaine found it dark and gloomy but it is typical of the time around 1900 in the turn of the century. Still it was extremely modern with a refrigerator and a heating-boiler that mr. Zorn brought home from America. The heating-boiler was manufactured by General Motors and it took five years before it was used because no one knew how to install it. After the guided tour we went back to the museum because fortunately this summer they had an exhibition presenting the works of Mr. Zorns friend Bruno Liljefors. His art has never appealed to me and I think neither Elaine was impressed. After Zorn and Mora we continued to Nusnäs and the manufacturing of Dalahorses, wooden horses from Dalarna County. I found it most "touristish" as I have been there before. Elaine had a horse painted with her name and I had a cup of coffee and a Danish pastry while Elaine went a second round in the shop. With the area around Siljan done we drove to Falun where we arrived around five o´clock in the afternoon. Here for the first time we found wireless Internet in our room so Elaine read some Chinese news from the computer and I took a little nap. In to Falun for dinner. We got a tip from a car park attendant, who just wrote a ticket to someone, a tip of a restaurant where you ate 241 that is "two for one". We both chosed grilled salmon with early vegetables and we paid only for one. If you put the portions together maybe it was only for one because I can not say that I had enough. We spent the evening reading and resting. Now it's midnight and tomorrow we only have Carl Larsson’s Sundborn and then home. We are both tired after the long journey. Constantly packing and unpacking, long hours in the car, new impressions all the time, almost never the same bed two nights in a row. We both look forward to fetch Lillan and to come home to Stora Levene tomorrow.


A typical maypole from Dalarna County

The lake Siljan

Troll-café along the way where we had coffee and waffle

Painting of the national souvernir "the Dalahorse"

Two trolls

The worlds biggest Dalahorse

Last night in a Youth hostel