2007-07-17 Vilhelmina-Orsa

552 km - Average speed 83 km/h

Diary notes

We had the alarm-clock set at eight and had booked next stop at Orsa 550km to the south and there we should be between 5-7 p.m. After packing, loading and cleaning we steered our course on to highway E45 or the "Inland road" as it is called. The GPS showed arrival time 17.20 driving without stopping, so it was only to drive. There were only two stops on the way, one for refuelling and one for food. We had saved on schedule when we draw nearer Orsa so we had dinner along the road. Reasonably decent food in spite of gloomy surroundings. For sure they hated everyone who stopped at that halting place and did not pay at least 1kr because there were signs everywhere "Only for customers" or "Dogs to be exercised other side of the road" "Toilet only for customers, others 10KR/1EUR". We arrived at the Youth Hostel in Orsa 17.00 sharp. That is a mansion where the old servantís homes are lodging for the Youth Hostel. It was very cosy with beautiful Dalecarlia surroundings with a stream roaring outside the window and ditch banks and slopes with the fragrance of summer flowers. It was a large room with four beds, a fireplace but no water or other luxury. The kitchen was in another building nearby. It was not very late when had unpacked and Elaine had made the beds so we went for a ride in to the centre of Mora. We took pictures of Elaine on the entrance-staircase to the home of Zorn, under the goal portal of Vasaloppet "In fatherís tracks for future victories". In the pedestrian street we bought ice cream and then we went for a walk down to Siljan. Back in the Youth Hostel we went for another walk along the stream and felt the cold water. Tomorrow was planned and we had looked at todayís pictures. It is now beginning to be dark in the evenings, which we are not used to anymore. A heavy rain passed to the north during the day so we travelled through it in the opposite direction and gained in that way a little nice weather but there were showers of rain now and then.


Youth Hostel in Orsa

Stream outside our window

Painter Anders Zorns mansion

At the Vasa ski race finnish

"In fathers tracks for future victories".

Detached bell towern at Mora church

Mora church

Youth Hostel. Our windows on the far right side.

Good night!