2007-07-16 Vilhelmina-Fatmomakke-Vilhelmina

230 km - Average speed 79 km/h

Diary notes

Elaine had a headache and had been sick during the night so we took it easy. I was out at 5 a.m. to fetch headache-pills for her in the car. I went for a walk in the morning and bought some more aspirin and coffee and newly made "Hunter bread" at the bakery. Elaine was still asleep when I came back but woke up and we had breakfast with good fresh newly made bread. We now decided to take the day-tour that the tourist-office recommended to Saxnäs and Fatmomakke. It is about 200 km round trip. Beautiful like blazes on the way up with snowy mountains and streams. Lakes like a mirror with reflexes from the mountains. We stopped first at the staircase-stream that was formed like a staircase hundred meter long. Then we continued towards the Lapp-village Fatmomakke. We stopped and I stepped up to an information-board that said the village should be 700 meters along the track to Kittelfjäll. After 1 kilometre we realised this was not right so we turned back. Now the most started to find our slightly perspiring bodies and our steps were longer and faster the nearer we came our starting point. Safely back I found the correct information-board that showed we were on the wrong side of the lake and it was not at all far to go if you found the right track. Then we were a little cross and had coffe and a waffle in a café, bought cheap souvenirs and started going back. On our way home we stopped in Saxnäs and had a char-sandwich served by a girl from India with poor Swedish in the middle of the Swedish desolate countryside. When we got back we made the big souvenir-purchase with Risfjell on the other side of the street. He has among other things made the worlds largest Lapp-knife to be found in Guinness World Records it was displayed in the store. This was really pleasant and Elaine bought amongst other things a very beautiful Lapp-knife that he had made and finally we bought our reindeer-horn. I had wanted to wait with that as long as possible considering the space it takes up in the car. Bargained the bill came down to 1700kr and we were well pleased and walked the 100 meters home and admired our things. Towards the evening we went down to the hotel again to have dinner. It was char for me today and chicken-wook for Elaine. We were sitting outside at their terrace with a wonderful view over Volgsjön. On our way home we went round the church and up the hill with the fine view behind which Risfjell had built three Laplander’s huts in three different styles each from different times. The knots attacked a little and we went quick downhill. Coffee, diary and bed with no TV today.



Mountain hike

We never used our mosquitocaps

A single-file bridge

Jaguar in the mountains

The little stream

The south end of Kultlake

Outside No 10 ... Street

Dinner at Vilhelmina Hotel with a spectacular view over Volglake

Vilhelmina Church. One of the biggest wodden churches in Sweden, if not the biggest.