2007-07-15 Jokkmokk-Vilhelmina

364 km - Average speed 91 km/h

Diary notes

Woke at nine. Horrible place really. We packed quickly and set out on what we called our "mileage-eating-day". The GPS was set on Östersund 600 km away. Straight in on an OK gas station for completing provisioning and necessary stuff for Elaine. A dirty toilet that stained Elaine’s trousers was no nice start of the day but we drove on. Kilometre after kilometre, river after river was passed. There was sometimes sun and sometimes a heavy rain pour. The Jaguar purred. When we slowed down for dinner we were in Wilhelmina and we both felt that it was enough for one day. It was short after 5 p.m. and we drove up to the Tourist-office and asked for a room. She had rooms free in "Kyrkbyn" (Church-village) 25 meters behind the Tourist-office a room with TV, shower and kitchen for 360kr/night. We went up and looked at the room and decided instantly to stay. It was a huge, clean 2 room-apartment on the first floor in the same cosy style as in Lövångers "Kyrkby". When we had unpacked we went down to the hotel and had "renskav" that is scraped reindeer-meat and char for a very reasonable price. We walked about and went shopping at COOP. At last i could use my bonus-check for 50kr that had been in my wallet for 4-5 months. Where we live around Vara there are no COOP´s. Back in the apartment we decided to stay one night more and take a day-tour in the surroundings the next day. We got some tips from the Tourist-office. On the opposite side of the street there is a handicraft shop with Lapp-souvenirs and we were there for a long time looking at all the nice things. We were going to do our main shopping the day after. Vilhelmina is beautifully situated along Ångermanälven or Volgsjön as it is called. In the evening I watched a Beck-movie that I had seen three times before but it was comfortable relaxation after the wilderness that passed by outside the windows of the car on the road. Goodnight at midnight.


The seagull is standing on the water...

One of many, many smoke- and coffee breaks

Many peculiar names along the way

And a lot of rivercrossings..

The Youth Hostel in Vilhelmina

Read and learn..

View over Volglake from Vilhelmina hotels terrace

Stora Levene was not mentioned but Rome was tempting

Outside our cottage in Vilhelmina Church village