2007-07-14 Karesuando-Jokkmokk

396 km - Average speed 87 km/h

Diary notes

We woke at nine and had breakfast in the shared kitchen. We packed and went with one goal only, Kiruna, 200 km away. This should be our first day without a definite goal. We were off around 10 a.m. and were in Kiruna at 12.30 p.m. First we refuelled Swedish petrol at normal rate and then we booked a trip down the mine LKAB at 3 p.m. lasting three hours. We walked about in Kiruna and visited the famous but special church that won the Swedish peoples award as Swedens most beautiful church. In the sixties their town hall was the most beautiful building but that the sixties must answer for. We had dinner at Black Bear. Plastic-food. Elaine had grilled salmon and shrimps with tasteless noodles so she had to add all the place had to offer of spices to have some taste in the food. I had cheese-schnitzel with chips and that is still now in writing only somewhere halfway down. The time was three and we went down the mine. This was a very interesting tour and I will not develop further because that would take the rest of the diary. Some oddities to mention are that the mine uses one percent of Sweden’s total consumption of energy, Kiruna must move its town centre because already at 2015 it will slide into the mine when the rock is extracted. The process of demagnetisation gives back about 60% of the energy used to demagnetise. Down in the mine we were allowed to take with us samples of ore and I took a stone that will be buddy to the one I took when I visited the mine in 1975. We were down on a level of 3-400 meters under the top and the temperature was constantly +8C. The building that contains the head-office is built with the UN-skyscraper in New York as a model and it must be admitted that it looks a little as an UNHQ in miniature. After the mine we went south and we said that we will go till eight o´clock before we start looking for quarters for the night. We arrived at Jokkmokk at 8.45 p.m.. I had called from the car and everything was fully booked so I was recommended this camping ground. They had just had a cancellation of a cottage with TV and shower for 600kr/night. There were two beds alright but in separate rooms.. There was a stale smell from the bathroom. The camping site was fully booked and there was a connecting adventure-bathe. The neighbour had a gigantic pick-up so there was hardly room for the Jaguar. A few lines of my summer detective story "The dark" by Anders Dahl is the last i remember before I fell asleep.


Youth hostel in Karesuando

Pack and leave again...

I'm waiting outside having my morningcigarette

The roadsigns are in Swedish, Lappish and Finnish

The ironmine LKAB in Kiruna

SVT:s towerhouse and the town hall tower

Kiruna Church

Down into the mine and helmet on..

..grim on her way to work..

Our English-speaking guide

Time to start working...

I'm waiting outside

Sample of blastdrilling

Drill for ventilation och elasticity

That reindeer we missed...

Another river passed. We acctually passed all major Swedish rivers twice.

It is very beautiful up in the northern Sweden

A lot of reindeers in front of the car here as well

Movie: Reindeers in front of the car