2007-07-13 Alta-Karesuando

444 km - Average speed 75 km/h

Diary notes

Woke early, packed and left around 10 o´clock. It was an unbelievably beautiful travel along the northern Norwegian fjords from Alta to Skibotn. Once again it was oooooooh and God how beautiful and oooooo that was our main conversation. High snowclad mountains, some as high as 1800 meters, were fencing round the deep blue fjords. An unforgettable day. Elaine hangs out of the window all the time taking pictures. They were 192 when i loaded them into the computer at the end of the day. Many were amiss with a tree or a house in the middle of the picture but many were fantastic. At Skibotn we left the fjords and went up towards the mountains and after a short while we pass onto Finland. We had just time to have an expensive, dull camping-lunch in Norway for our last Norwegin Crowns before we entered Eurozone Finland. Here we drove along Torne river again on the Finnish side. There are no roads on the Swedish side. At the frontier station we were only 13 km from "Treriksröset", the corner stones where the three nations Sweden, Norway and Finland meets, but the walk was too long and without a guide we choose to give it up. We drove down to Karesuando where I earlier in the day had booked a room in the Youth Hostel. After a short look Karesuando seems to consist of about ten houses but there is a special church, a large library, indoor swimming bath, a town-hall etc. so there must be more houses hidden somewhere. We went in to the shop that was Euroshopper.. There we bought a piece of smoked salted and dried reindeer-side (225kr/kilo) that we shall have when we get home. There was a sign when we went in to town that said “Eurosuando” (no comments). Back in the Youth Hostel I had a conversation with two couples who were on their way to Lofoten. They were from around Örebro and I gave some tips for their journey. Later also came some guys, travelling to the south, that had been to North Cape like us but they seemed to be "mileage-eaters" and drove as much and as long as possible in as short time as possible. Roads we found so beautiful were tiresome for them because they were so curvy. Here we ate our own food for the first time. We made meat soup in the kitchen of the Youth Hostel. Time is now 11 p.m. and as usual it is light as in the middle of the day and the bed is waiting. Ahead for us is a night with mosquito-attacks. Where they came from I don’t know because there were none when we went to bed.


The road along the fjords. The pictures speaks for themselfs.

Salmon farming

Karesuando Church

Food at the Youth Hostel