2007-07-12 Alta-Northcape-Alta

483 km - Average speed 74 km/h

Diary notes

Elaine woke already at six and climbed down to me. We are not used to sleep in bunk bed. For the first time during the journey there was no need to pack as we should have the cottage one more night. We filled the thermos with hot water for the coffee and turned to the goal of our journey, the NORTH CAPE. We were driving almost without stopping with only a few photo-pauses. We went over a very fascinating mountain-area before we arrived at Porsangen, the fjord east of the road up to North Cape. I don’t know how many Oooooh, God how beautiful and ooooooo we said along the road but it was probably the words we used most in our conversation. The first Norwegian chock we got when we refuelled in the morning. 12.24 NOK per litre for the petrol, 20 percent more expensive than in Sweden. The second chock was when we reached the North Cape tunnel that we had to pass. It was 192 Norwegian crowns ONE-WAY. Same amount going back and the alternative was none. The tunnel in it self was spectacular 6870 meter long and 212 meter below sea-level. In the middle of the tunnel we passed a cyclist who had slide down the 212 meters to the bottom of the tunnel and unfortunately had as many to get up on the other side. There were an additional 4-5 toll-free tunnels of varying length on the road and they all had reindeer grating at the ends to stop reindeers from entering. Today’s reindeer-flocks were larger than the ones we had seen earlier during our journey and they often went grazing at the side of the road. So we had our third chock when we arrived in the fog at the cliff of North Cape, to park there costs 195 NORWEGIAN CROWNS PER PERSON IN THE CAR. The fog was thick but the Swedish girl at the box office said that the weather changes quickly up there and it was much better the day before (funny information). To comfort us she said that the ticket was valid for two days that gave no satisfaction to a couple who had all their things in an already paid cottage 250 kilometres to the south. We went to the restaurant to eat but EVERYTHING was sold out but chicken pasta and a piece of Calzone that looked like having been lying there since last year. I can take a hamburger I tried but that was also sold out. Luckily, because I think they charged 149 Norwegian Crowns for it. We had two pasta that were decent but no culinary success at the goal of the journey. We bought postcards and I mailed mine but Elaine had forgotten her address-book in the cottage so she must mail nine postcards to herself to get the North Cape-stamp. Then she must write and send them in an envelope to the family in China when we are back home again. After that we went into the fog and took some pictures. It really wasn’t fog but the clouds that were so low. Suddenly the clouds lifted a little and we got some pictures of the cliff with the sea behind, to the north facing the North Pole. Elaine built a heap of stones, or a monument as she called it, that will be there till a child decides to build another like it. After a couple of hours we were content and returned towards our cottage at Alta Camping. In Alta we stayed and had Chinese dinner at a Chinese restaurant we had seen on our way up. The girl who runs the restaurant was from Shanghai and she and Elaine talked for a long time. It was probably not so often she had visitors from China up there in the Norwegian north. We were back home around 9 p.m. content and tired. Elaine has done her work-out and we have loaded and looked at the pictures. Time now is a quarter to midnight. The sun is shining bright on the house outside the window but the lids are beginning to feel heavy and it will now be bed for both of us.


Snow in spots

A desolatet mountain landscape

Fresh air and freedom..

197 km left


Here we arrive at the fjord Porsangen

The road along Porsangen verses Northcape

Reindeers in bigger flocks here

The Northcapetunnel

One of the other tunnels

The photografers picture on the picture

Height of cloud is almost zero

Now we are approaching our goal. Winterjackets on. Approximately eight degrees outside

the GPS at the Northcapecliff

Inside the restaurant

The cliff is more than 300 meters high

Elaine's monument

The "Troll" had a wig.

The parkingspot in fog

Jaguar on adventure

I think I can remove this one..

Better put it back again

Tell me what you have seen up here..

Russians among all the nationalities up here

As beautiful on our way back

Reindeers on the top


Pricelist for the tunnel

Entrance to the tunnel

The forever passenger and photografer

Makeing a resumé of the day