2007-07-09 Hudiksvall-Lövånger

445 km - Average speed 79 km/h

Diary notes

We didn’t wake until ten o´clock even if the neighbours were moving about and packing to leave and it was insufficiently soundproof. Elaine took a shower before we left for our second "stint". We only went out on E4 and stopped almost at once to get some breakfast. We stopped at a little roadside cafe named "Lias Café". Elaine had a pasta salad and I a ham and cheese-sandwich with coffee. Well on the road again it was just to drive, mileage eating. We passed some rivers, Ljusnan for instance. We stopped at the petrol station OKQ8 in Härnösand where a friendly man helped me to change a bulb to the headlights of the car as it was broken. Elaine bought some fruit and we plunged into the E4 again. 110 km/h road with 2 kilometre single-file and 2 kilometre double-file all the time, a compromise when you don’t build complete highway. It gives a very jerky and for sure a very petrol-demanding driving. We stopped at a halting place along the road where the majority were from Czech Republic. There were busses and cars all over. We made a little detour to Robertsfors to refuel before the end of this day’s journey that was Lövånger and the Youth Hostel in Lövånger Church village. It turned out to be a whole village with small cottages that were the Youth Hostel. We had one with toilet but no shower as it was fully booked by two German tourist busses. The cottage was a very cosy log house in lying timber that had TV and kitchen as well as a fireplace, a stove and toilet. I went down to the camping site to take a shower. It was only one caravan there so I was in "splendid isolation". Apparently they had used the sauna for it was still warm but I renounced that luxury. I took a stroll down to the reception to see if they had Internet. I wanted to check if they had found Elaine’s suitcase that disappeared for her on the flight from Geneva to Gothenburg but they had not found it. We saw a British thriller on TV and went to bed.

Breakfast at Lias Café

Elaine was fashinated by the trees

Bridge over Ljusnan(?)

Halting place with mainly Czech tourists

Our cottage No 121 at the youth hostel

Cosy inside