2007-07-08 Home-Hudiksvall

555 km - Average speed 81 km/h

Diary notes

Here the adventure of our journey to the Northcape begins. The most northern point in the European map. The only point open to traffic that northerly anywere on the map actually. Comparatively it is situated in the northern coastal area facing the Arctic Ocean at Siberia and north of Alaska on the American continent. We have the golf-stream to thank for being able to make this journey in our new Jaguar.

I will explain the system with "Youth Hostels" in Sweden. It is an organisation running this hostels where you can have a cheap bed and have access to kitchen, shower and TV. In older days it was mostly used by youth but today it is mainly families who rent and there are no big sleeping halls anymore, only rooms with up to four beds in them. If you are a member you pay 160 SEK/person and you have your own bedsheets. This was our main lodging during our trip.

Our trip started at eight o´clock in the morning after stowing all we needed into the car. We brought everything and a bit more that we could need on our trip. Everything was thoroughly prepared. At ten o´clock we left our cat Lillan to Lövnäs cat boarding house right outside Örebro. She here has access to outdoor visits in a large cage, which I think she will like. We continued our journey and had lunch along the road somewhere after Örebro. A delicious chicken-fillet with potatoe-gratin with garlic. After that we just transported us to Hudiksvall where at 5 p.m. we arrived at the Youth Hostel of Malmbaden camping site. We got room nr 8 at the farther end of the corridor. Two beds and a little table is everything there is. We carried everything from the car that is quite extensive as we not yet have a good structure of our luggage. The room suddenly was filled. After a long days driving I tried to rest and took a little nap. Around seven we went in to Hudiksvall to have dinner. There were only two or three restaurants open and we choose "Hot-Chili" that is a Thai-China-restaurant. A roll with pork in curry for me and an uneatable Beijing-soup and noodles for Elaine. Next time in Hudiksvall we will choose another restaurant. We strolled around the town and went down to the harbour where we found a Chinese restaurant that looked a lot better. About nine we came back to the Youth Hostel and walked down to the river. For sure wonderful for a family with children on a sunny summer day. To the room and sleep. IT HAS BEEN RAINING CATS AND DOGS ALL DAY.


Youth hostel in Hudiksvall

Elaine is making the beds
I called her the arrivalmachine

and I'm resting after the drive

Hudiksvall harbour