I tried to show few pictures but it is so beautiful so here are 88

Guilin was completely destoyed by the Japanese during the second world war. 1998 The City Council decided to make Guilin into a tourist resort. Many buildings are from after 1998 like these 2 pagodas

Fishing with birds

Late dinner at the local restaurant street

On our way to the terrace rice field and Elaine bought a new cap

Our tour guide Tina and Elaine at the Terrace rice fields

Rest after up-hill walk

All building are built without nails

In Guangdong and Guangxi province they eat everything and Tina called this a Yummy-yummy

Not a step higher

The 3 fishes with one head. A legend in this village

The local ladies

Rinsing chicken. Invited us to eat it at her house but we said no

Rice plants in water

View from the peak. Elaine went all the way up


Here are the pictures from our "cruise" on Li river

Supplier to the ships kitchen

All food was done in the kitchens at the back of the boats. Another supplier selling food

Fish delivery to our boat

Beautiful landscape

Captains testosterone fight. we all arrived at the same time..

The horse rock. You will find a picture of a horse there

This view is on the back of the 20 yuan note in China

A little city at the end of our cruise

A local tour in a "taxi"


Helping hand from me...

...and Elaine

A local farm house. Cooking for the pigs.

Our hotel in Gulin. The water Fall hotel

Elaine ONLY took a boul of porridge this evening. I had pizza.

On our way with the cable carrier to the peak just outside Guilin

On the peak

Local tug-tug back to a road where we could grab a taxi

Our excellent tour guide for 4 days, Tina

The fantastic cave in Guilin. Pictures cannot give it justice. It must be witnessed

A short trip on the lake

The Elephant Trunk Hill and surrounding

Elaine buying a painting