When you dont have a view over the sea you have what they call "beautiful Mountain view".

On the roof down there they are building a new floor
It will be 6 new hotel- or pension rooms. All done by hand

On the 17th floor with a grandious view over Sanya beach is a
coffée and teabar where we used to end up at the end of the day.
Double espresso with a glass of hot water to make normal Swedish cofée.

Nice place to do shopping. Here are pearls under scrutiny
Hainan Island is famous for farmed Pearls

Buddha at the top of a long indoor shopping street

Elaine is testing a flute.


We were almost always alone in the pool. 26 degrees
with a lot of bubble and massage facilities

Sanya doesn't have any Night clubs. On Friday and Saturday evening
people gather together to do dancing and performances in dance troups
At the beach are some tents where you can do Karaoke. It seems
all Sanya are there with families and kids. Good alternative to nightclubs

The lack of safety at the construction sites are obvious.

The hotel construction continous.

This is how close the beach is to the hotel.

Enjoy retirement.

Small fishing vessels gives a good supply of fresh fish.

20 km beach without crowd and sometimes completely
empty. Very few takes a swim but they use it for strolls instead.

The hotel with the cofée- and teabar on top.

Oops! Someone is taking a bath!

Some beach views from the 17th floor

And Christmas here as well.

Sunset at the beach

Night view in the center of Sanya

Elaine is testing pearls.

Glasswall between shower and WC. Hrm...

The hotelroom. 50 Chinese channels and Alyazeera in English.

My hotel construction soon ready for roof

That it is only 30 cm to your neighbour does not stop
you from building. Close neighbours!

There are hundreds of this typical small restuarants with 6-8 tables
at the sidewalks with aquariums full of fish to choose between.
Your choise is prepared in the kitchen and then served.

Statue at the beach where the dance use to take place.

17:th floor