Wind-up with some odds and ends

Here I will present some facts and some odd stories not mentioned before.

You remember what I said before that the Oracle in Delphi talked in riddles. Here is an example:
When a king from Minor Asia came to her to ask advise whether he should declare war against his enemy and neighbor she said "You will cross a river and a great kingdom will be destroyd". The king was happy and travelled back to his country and prepared the war against his enemy. The army crossed the river and completely lost the battle on the other side and HIS OWN kingdom was destroyed by his enemy. The Oracle was right but the king was dead.

Athens has 5 milion citizens living in a city designed when it was founded for 500.000. This creates two problems, traffic and pollution. To avoid both they have a system that only allows cars in the center of town with even number on even dates and odd numbers on odd workdays. With this measure taken in to effect during the Olympics they have managed to reduce both traficjams and the air is cleaner.

Here is a very good page if you are interested in stastics and facts on Greece. It is CIA:s page with useful and meaningless information.

Here is our expenditure in Euro during our trip
Food and Beverage21819%
Living, hotel36031%
Others, souvernirs, taxi etc24722%
Tourism, trips and entrance fees31928%