Athens day 7, 2006-01-15
Travelday, Change of guard


Today we are going back to Sweden but before going to the airport we had to see the change of the Royal Guard outside the Houses of Parliment. It only takes place on Sundays at 11 o clock. It was a very precise performance and you will see some pictures below but it is best viewed in the movie in the middle of this page. We also took some pictures of importatnt buildings on our way. When I write this we are already 10 km up in the air over Montenegro or something.

The National Library

The University

The Academy with the Gods from left to right
Athena, Elaine and Apollo

The Houses of Parliment, previous the Royal Castle.

Change of guard

Click here for a movie of the "Change of Guard" (4m27s 13.6Mb). Worth seeing!

A war hero from the liberation war verses the Turks 1821 which gave the Greeks independence.

One of many statues with athletic motive in Athens.

At Athens airport waiting for .....

H O M E ! ! !