Athens day 6, 2006-01-14
Touristday, Cape Sounion


Today we had a slow start as a reward for all early mornings and also as a gratification because we have been so persistant in our tourism. We had a scheduled trip to Cape Sounion at 13.30 and we took a lunch before we took off for another busride in Greece.

While waiting for a tourist from Hilton Hotel i got the opportunity
to take a photo (below) of a statue we have passed 5 times before.
The Hilton Hotel, built for the olympics 2004, has this modern façade.

This is the statue "the Running man" in glass.

We travelled 10 minutes from the centre of Athens and reached the
coastline of the Saronic Gulf in the Aegean sea. We followed the
beautiful coast for 60 km to reach ....

the Cape Sounion with the ancient Temple of Posseidon.

This is our very, very, very Greek and informative guide today.

This is a plan and information of Cape Sounion. You can click
on the photo to get a larger more easy read picture.

At the temple

Almost as a mirage you can see the island St Georgios at the horizont.

It was very windy so a hot cup of coffee was really nice and ..

.. the temple looks like this through a window from the restaurant.

The last tourist spot. Home tomorrow!!!