Athens day 2, 2006-01-10

Sunshine for 2 min and 30 sec.

Today we had late breakfast and prepared for a walk around town. We booked our upcoming
tourist trips to Delphi and a tour around Athens by bus. We left the hotel around noon.

Our first glimpse of Acropolis before entering....

.. this museum and excavation ground. The Kerameikos was the most important
cemetery of ancient Athens from as far back as prehistoric period.
Most of the findings in the museum is dated from 900 to 300 BC.

Outside the museum we found this row of statues and then we had to ..

.. take some pictures and turn them ..

.. into these. Paintshop had to work for a while.

This Sphinx was garding a tomb from approx 350 BC.

The noble Kouros was dug out, given a shower and ..

.. now looks this impressive although slightly crippled

This is a small detail from a basin 2500 years old. (8*8 cm)

Elaine loves olives ..

.. and after reaching out for one ..

.. she found out that they are not ready to eat yet.

Don't even think of stealing a tombstone here.

This road led to Piraeus in ancient time and was a prestigious burial ground.

Even in January it is very green everywere.

The majestic Acropolis is guarding over Athens.

The Demetria and Pamphile relief. Beautiful in all it's details.

After this bit of culture and history it was time for lunch and while eating
I watched this building all the time and reflected over how much graffiti
there is everywere in Athens. It is a pity to destroy such a nice house.

On our way back to the hotel we found
this beautiful little church and ..

.. an orange tree (decoration trees - sour oranges) and ..

.. a shop specialized in Christmas things.
We also did some minor shopping.

Tomorrow we are booked on a bustrip around Athens.
Expect more stones and statues on tomorrow's page.