Athens day 1, 2006-01-09


It started when a taxi picked us up at 6AM back home in Gothenburg
Here we are at Landvetter Airport before departure and the temperature
was below -6° outside. Brrrr! Coffee is always welcome..

On shedule we landed in a rainy Athens and arrived at the hotel Best Western Zinon Hotel
and I took some photos from the balcony as usual. Athens is a very low but very large city.
It is as if someone had stamped on Manhattan and flatened and smeared it so no buildings were
taller than three or four stories high and after that painted everything grayish white.

The street outside (Keramikou) is very long. Greece has aproximately the population
of Sweden but Athens is the size of 3.5 Stockholms.

After the flight where SAS on a 3 hours and 15 minutes flight only served sandwiches and snacks
and you had to pay for it we were deadly hungry and was recommended at the lobby to visit
Restaurant "Alexander the Great" but we never found it. We found a 24-hour local restaurant with
good food and decent prices. Mousaka to Elaine and Pasta Special for Claes.

Garbage verses statues and flowers. Back- and frontside.

Time for diary and photo-upload. There is wireles broadband in the room for free. Very good.
It took a couple of minutes to set it up but now it is like surfing from back home. Tired and nap-time.

Elaine is talking to relatives in China and England with the
Skype program in the computer, also for free...